User Guide


The beauty of Event Hui is that you can not only find an event with information,
you can also plan your itinerary and add all details to your personal AGENDA.

  • 1. Search by KEY WORD (such as event name) or LOCATION.
  • 2. Click on the EVENT that interests you.
  • 3. Along with EVENT details, a map of the location plus accommodations, restaurants, things to do,
    where to shop, will also appear.
  • 4. Click on AGENDA and set up your personal account.
  • 5. Click on places that might be of interest around your EVENT.
  • 6. View and SAVE to your AGENDA.
  • 7. When choices are complete, go to your AGENDA and you will be directed to a CALENDAR.
  • 8. The CALENDAR will include your choices in MY PLACES.
  • 9. Go to the EVENT month and create your page.


If you need more assistance please watch the video as detailed below.

User Guide Video